diana jurand


Hear What Past Clients Have to Say​

As someone who for 30+ years has been working both sides of the studio glass - either as engineer or voice talent - I feel I’ve developed a pretty good sense for parsing out those who “get it,” from those who are simply at the nascent stage of their craft. Diana, belongs in category one. She's smooth, professional, prepared, takes direction extremely well, and (when asked) offers up good suggestions for how to bring more to a phrase of copy that isn’t quite landing. In particular, it's this maturity that is so helpful when time is tight, emotions are high, or when draconian last second script changes occur - she takes it all in stride and never loses her poise or kindly disposition. She is a real pro, and I always look forward to our sessions together.
Andre Bergeron
Owner of BabbleOn Recording
This woman is the sh*t. Takes direction, professional and loyal. Don't be on the fence, just hire her.
Kate Baker
Diana brings an electricity with her into every room. She radiates creativity, humor, and unrivaled kindness. She is it. Hire her.
Haley Jacobsen
Diana is a focused performer and a generous collaborator. She can handle projects of all sizes with grace, humor and craftsmanship.
Colleen Kahl
President of Actor's Connection
Not only is Diana a pleasure to work with as a collaborator but she’s a dream to direct. Her ability to lead a production as a host and commentator comes off as natural, patient, energetic and authentic. Her playfulness is infectious, all while avoiding overshadowing the professionalism required to get the job done right the first time. And if that weren’t enough, her voice-over abilities are undeniable. Whether you need a quirky and enthusiastic cartoon character or a level and measured instructional voice for your production, Diana will undoubtedly find the right space and deliver. I’ve worked with Diana in almost every imaginable scenario and every single time I’m thankful she’s in whatever role she is on that production because I know I can trust that part of the production to go exactly as planned.​
Justin Silvis
Diana is such a powerful presence on and off screen. Her creative presence is contagious. Working with her is such a privilege, because anything that she is asked to do – she will give beyond more. She gives more to her character than what was ever written.
Phillip Countryman
Director, Writer
"Diana was a pleasure to work with. She has a vivacious presence, and puts 100% of her energy into her work. She has the drive, talent, and passion to succeed in this industry"​
Arianna Ratner
Voice Actor & Coach
"Diana is a grounded, natural performer that knows how to take comedy and deliver it in a real way that doesn't feel fake or contrived. She is so easy to work with and I can't wait for the opportunity to have her on set again."​
LJ Johnson