diana jurand


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Education & Experience

My education and performance experience is in improv, classical and contemporary live theater, film, TV, commercial on-camera, commercial and animation voiceover, singing, stand-up, stage combat, dance, and choreography. 

Recent credits include voiceover for The YMCA, Coursera, and DelMonte, and on-camera work for Marriott, The Knot, and a sketch comedy short dropping soon on Select previous clients include Walmart, Target, Health Partners, Hormel, Lake City Bank, Wiley Wallaby Licorice, and Optum Health. I work out of my personal professional studio, using quality gear.

Studio Specs:

  1. Shure KSM32 mic
  2. Audient iD4 interface
  3. Twisted Wave and Adobe Audition
  4. Source Connect Standard capabilities

I’ve directed and choreographed numerous youth theater productions for small casts of 5 high schoolers, to as many as sixty 1st – 12th graders in projects including The Music Man, 12th Night, Peter Pan, Shrek, as well as winning competition one-acts.

My Favorite Things

Challenging Puzzle Rooms

Pub Quiz/TriviA

Farmers Markets

Petting Big Dogs

Keeping Houseplants Alive

Exploring New Places

Cooking New Recipes

Singing Along Whenever Appropriate


My Background

I train through RealVoiceLA, VODojo, Trailer Voice Artists, and Actors Connection, and study with Mary Lynn Wissner, Paul Liberti, Arianna Ratner, Beth Chaplin, Jackie Grigg, and Joseph Hitchcock. Additional training has come from Richard Redfield, Ryan Clark, Richard Horvitz, Scott Parkin, and Rick Wasserman.

Previous education comes from Yale, Bates College, Lawrence University, the American Shakespeare Center, and Brawl of America. Extensive dance and movement training has included the Universal Ballet Company, City Ballet Company, the Washington Ballet Company, Zenon Dance School, Bates College, Brawl of America, Twin Cities Trapeze Center, among others.